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Channel 9 Apps

The aim of the project is to provide a personalized Channel 9 experience on all availible platforms. To achieve this aim, we have to go beyond the publicly availible RSS feeds availible on Channel 9.

The idea is to let the user decide what he is interested in and provide him with a personalized list of events that occured in the Channel 9 community. These can be new shows, events, blogs, topics, status updates and personal messages.

To actively seek out the user and get him envolved in the communtiy, we intend to make full use of the notification features availible on the smart devices. In order for us to compile this personalized list and notify the user we need to constantly monitor activity within the Channel 9 community.

The solution to this problem is to create layer around the Channel 9 data. The user will interact with Channel 9 through this layer. The user will tell the layer what it's preferences (likes) are. The layer will actively monitor and store Channel 9 data, compile a personalized list of events for the user and notify the user if there are points of interest for the user.

In this way, we aim to provide added value to the Channel 9 community.

From this we can deduct a set of components we need in order to provide a solution;

Channel 9 API
Channel 9 Windows 8 Client
Channel 9 Windows Phone 8 Client
Channel 9 Windows Phone 7.8 Client

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