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Channel 9 API

In order to provide data and notifications to the user, a layer around Channel 9 has to be created.

The Channel 9 API will scan the publicly available RSS feeds and store the data locally. Added value is that we can provide the data in a more manageable format like JSON and that we can keep track of new postings on Channel 9.

Documentation about the Channel 9 RSS feeds.

The Channel 9 layer will be written with the aid of ASP.Net MVC 4.0 WebApi.

Proposed routes;

/episodes/ for all episodes
/events/ for all events
/series/ for all series
/shows/ for all shows
/tags/ for all tags
/authors/ for all authors
/frontpage/ for frontpage episodes
/timeline/ for a list of personalized list of postings
/profile/ for a users settings (/profile/win8, /profile/winph8 etc. etc.)
/search/ for search

The Channel 9 API layer will consist of three parts;

1. Channel 9 RSS Parser
2. Channel 9 Data Storage
3. Channel 9 Notification

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