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Channel 9 RSS feeds

This page documents the various feeds that are available on Channel 9 and the way we can use them;

By default Channel 9 RSS feeds are pageable. You can navigate to the next page in the RSS with the page parameter and a page number in the query string. Only RSS feed that cannot be paged is frontpage and event episodes.

Postings visible on the frontpage get posted to this feed.

By default all English postings are available here. You can include other languages in the query string like lang=nl&lang=de, etc.

All events are posted here.

All shows are posted here.

All series are posted here.

All blogs are posted here.

All comments to postings (not threads in forums) are posted here.

Postings for series, shows and blogs

Are available at for example;

Comments for a posting

Comments for a specific post can be found at for example;

Events postings

Are available at for example;


The biggest challenge in working with the RSS feeds, is that the RSS modificationDate does not get updated when an author of a post or a comment changes the content. The posting or comment will not move to the top of the RSS list if they are updated.

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